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Bank Society Coin Technology

Bank Society Coin was created due to altcoin trust and reliability issues, 2018 saw a a large number of scams and failed coins or coins that promised without ever being able to deliver. One of those coins was Banknotes, which is why Bank Society Coin exists today, we swapped all BANK coins to SOCI, which required a large premine. We know that this alone causes mistrust, but was necessary to swap the many millions of BANK coins in circulation. 
The code base of Bank Society Coin was selected from the open source community and is now open source itself.
The Bank Society Coin code base was based on Profit Hunters Coin, the benefits are not obvious with a small glance, but with deep analysis, they are amazing features, advanced technological features for the future.

            Proof of Work           Proof of Stake                     Masternodes 

Bank Society provides the latest QT technology with bright and dark themes, signed message and dark coin transmission technology.

The key concepts of cryptocurrency are fully adhered to, anonimity of users, secure network, Bitcoin Firewall, mining, staking, ROI (return on investment) and a dedicated team to ensure success, trust and commitment to Bank Society Coin holders.