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Bank Society Coin 

Bank Society Coin Masternode technology provides enhanced network security for the all SOCI coin holders as well as providing up to 1000% ROI estimated per year.

Masternodes enhance
network Security!
  1. Eco Friendly - No mining equipment required, just a compute node of VPS (Virtual Private Server) with unique IP Address from Wallet. 
  2. Wallet Control - Your Masternode is controlled by your wallet. This requires the wallet to be open. However, if you prefer to close your computer down at night, then you will see Masternode payments
    when you reconnect later.
  3. Collateral - 20,000 SOCI is required to enable your own Masternode.

  4. Masternode Tech - Masternodes take share of Proof of Stake staking from all other network wallets. Bank Society Masternodes are much like DASH Masternodes, but Bank Society Masternodes get 75% share of the stakes mined by wallets. However, Masternode algorithms ensure that different Masternodes share the staking rewards, ensuring that all Masternodes get a share.
  5. ROI - Masternode tech provides estimated ROI of 1000% per year, which suggests up to 200K SOCI coins per year. However, due to the software algorithm, the number of Masternodes and relative speeds of the VPS that Masternodes run on, this is an estimated amount.