Bank Society Gold Coin

​Bank Society is changing with next generation features to ensure Longevity and Stability.

Our new road map defines the future of Bank Society Coin.

Bank Society Gold Coin Overview
Low Power Technology

Bank Society Gold Team have invested a lot of time into code optimization for wallets to stake the next block with low performance requirements of under 5% CPU load maximum.

Combined with absolute minimum masternode hardware specifications, ensures low energy use for the Bank Society Gold network.

We firmly believe in reducing our power requirements for a better future.

Hybrid Blockchain Technology


Hybrid Blockchain Technology in Bank Society Gold Coin means that both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus drives the blockchain.

The blockchain allows both consensus to create new blocks in the blockchain.

Proof of Fairness

​Bank Society Gold ensures that not only 'Whale' wallets get stake rewards, ALL wallets will get staking rewards.

We optimized the code to ensure that all wallets have time to stake the next block.

Rewards reduce as the block height increases, effectively removing hyperInflation.

Coin Supply

​Bank Society Gold has limited total supply of 75 Million.

Estimated time to reach 75 Million in around 15 years.

We are currently at 25 Million circulating supply.

Coins may be earned using low reward PoW, PoS or by coin sale offerings.

Token Technology


​Bank Society Gold Coin road map development will provide smart contract bridges, binding an array of possibilities with smart contracts. Our road map includes development of Bank Society Silver tokens.

Initially Binance BEP-20 Tokens shall be developed with ERC-20 token to be defined at a later date. Other Inter Blockchain APIs will open up new dimensions, look out for our White Paper early 2023.

Bank Card

Bank Society Gold Coin once monetized at exchange launch will open up the possibility of a Bank Society Payment Card for spending coins in the real world. This is a must for us at Bank Society!

However, the exchange price of Bank Society Gold must reach at least $1 USD for this to become a reality.


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