Bank Society Gold Coin

Our road map defines the next stage of crypto by backing coins with something physical. A true interchange technology with the possibility to spend coins on everyday goods and services in the future.

Road Map Phase ONE

Bank Society Gold Road Map

Sep 2022 - Wallet & Masternode

Planned final release of next generation wallet and Masternode.
More information available at release.

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Oct 2022 - Crowd Training (ongoing)

Crypto Training and Exchange Management.
We plan to provide crowd training for:
     *Wallet Management
     *Masternode Management
     *Exchange Investment Techniques

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Dec 2022 - Coin Pre Sale

We plan in December 2022 to offer a coin presale, for investment purposes, for
Bank Society Gold Coin.

5 Million Bank Society Gold coins will be available for purchase at the following rates:
       - December    $TBD per coin.
       - January $TBD per coin.
       - February $TBD per coin.

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March 2023 - Exchange Listing 

Exchange listing investigation is ongoing, we are discussing with Exchanges now.
Exchange listing and choice of exchanges will be provided closer to this event.

Our team will be looking at a $TBD USD price within the first 6 weeks of listing.

Road Map Phase TWO

Bank Society Gold Road Map

Jan-May 2023 - SmartNode Technology

SmartNode Proof of Concept is planned from Jan through May 2023.
SmartNodes are next generator technology providing Inter Blockchain Communication
between Bank Society and other token based technology blockchains.

SmartNodes will enable Smart Contracts in Bank Society Gold.

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Jan-Dec 2023 - Payment Card, Mobile Wallets

Bank Card, Mobile Wallets investment is planned during 2023.

Enablement of Bank Society Gold Coin as a method of payment is key to our vision.

Partners will be defined and posted on this website as soon as possible after listing.

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Jan-Sep 2023 - Cloud Compute Services

​​​​Planned for low cost Wallet, Masternode and SmartNode on
Cloud Compute Managed Services, allowing automatic registration of nodes running
on a Bank Society Gold Cloud Compute Managed Service.

Expect a new White Paper for this soon!

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June-Sep 2023 - Silver Token Technology

We firmly believe that all cryptos should be backed with more than just trust.

SmartNode and Silver Token Proof of Concept. Implementing a Bank Society Gold
Coin standalone Silver token, that may be accessed using Bank Society Gold Coin users.

Expect a new White Paper for SmartNodes soon!

Road Map Phase THREE

Bank Society Gold Road Map

Mar-June 2023 - Encrypted Communications

Planned Wallet and MasterNode upgrade to allow Encrypted Private Gold inter wallet communications.
Wallet to Wallet Private Gold messages Wallet to Wallet Private Gold Document transfers.

A new White Paper to follow Soon!

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Oct 2023-Mar 04 - Smart Contract Services

​​​Planned proof of concept will start Oct 2023 through Mar 2024 Smart Contracts
are the next revolution in cryptocurrency, but NFTs at this time are not providing
real value and are susceptible to theft.

We firmly believe that Smart Contracts and NFTs should be used for real world
applications, such as buying and selling serious assets such as cars,
paintings, houses, etc.

Expect a new white paper to explain concept and implementation!


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