Bank Society Gold Coin

Our wallets are optimized for ultra low power

Our wallet are essential for coin transfer and staking

Our wallets are open source  

Bank Society Gold Wallet 

​QT 5.70 for Windows 32 and Ubuntu Linux wallets are available
We are currently working on Mac and Raspberry PI wallets,
Wallet version is currently Release

Source code is available to build wallets with
full instructions in the 'doc' folder.

Fast Synchronization
New users, please contact us for fast synchronization of Wallets.

SocietyG.conf provides default settings, please contact us, if you 
need assistance.

Bank Society Gold Wallet
Staking  Rewards

Bank Society Gold Coin wallets provide a powerful way to stake coins held in the your wallet on your computer. This is done automatically for you by the wallet.

Rewards may be calculated with the following formula:

      Wallet Coins * 8% = Rewards

These rewards decrease by block height. However, the more coins that
you have, the higher rewards will be.

Wallet rewards are approximate values limited by number of concurrent
wallets that are staking and network connections. Only one wallet can
mint the next block...

Ask us about Coin Pre Sales for Bank Society Gold Coin.

Bank Society Gold Coin Staking

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