Bank Society Gold Coin

Masternode technology provides the validation of 
new wallet staked or minted blocks.

Masternodes take a 40% share of the wallet stake rewards.
This equates to 200% Return on Investment.

Bank Society Gold Coin MasterNode
MasterNode Technology

Bank Society Gold Coin masternode technology implements Network Security by holding the most up to date blockchain.

A wallet can only stake by sending the stake request to an automatically selected MasterNode for processing, verification and minting of the next block.
If successful, the block has a 40% MasterNode reward and the wallet 
gets 60% of the original coin stake reward.

If there are no MasterNodes, there is no staking in the Bank Society Gold
Blockchain. However, there will always be at least one available.

A Masternode operator must have at least 150k coins available in their controller wallet to enable Masternode functions.

Talk to us about hosting your Masternode on our cloud

Network Security

Masternodes secure the network, they hold their own up to date blockchain.

A new masternode must synch it's blockchain, before it can operate as a verification node to confirm stakes and will then be able to take 40% rewards.

Ultra Low Power

Masternode daemons are optimized
for ultra low configurations.

Typically, a masternode would be run in a minimal linux system with only command line.

Our Cloud Compute Service will remove the need for technical knowledge for masternode operators.

MasterNode Rewards

Masternodes do not hold many coins in their wallet, as they must send all rewards to the controller aallet.

The controller wallet is used to hold the 150K coins for masternode operation.

This means masternodes hold very little
coins during their operating life.

Masternode Cost

A masterNode owner must have at least 150K Bank Society Gold Coins as collateral for a masterNode.

Masternodes ideally should be run on a 24/7 Virtual Private Server (VPS) or on a cloud instance.

Our road map defines a Cloud Compute Managed Service just for the purpose of running wallets or masternodes 24/7 to ensure return on investment (ROI) is maximised.

Contact us for masternode deployment and Coin Pre Sale.

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