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The next generation secure crypto asset, we like to term our new consensus as Proof of Fairness.

Society Gold provides Proof of Work and Proof of Stake with a difference, we added deflating rewards and staking in the wallet, no expensive hardware is required.

Bank Society Gold

Freedom and Fairness are our key policies.

Proof of Work with minimal rewards 
Fair Proof of Stake
Masternode Stake Verification
Planned Smart Nodes for Inter Block Chain interchange
Planned Silver token pegged to physical metal in secure vaults
Planned Gold token pegged to physical metal in secure vaults 
Planned Bank Society Gold Payment card.

Our future roadmap will create the next stage of crypto stability 

Other Information


Email: dev@banksociety.co

Bank Society Gold Technology

The world is in a power crisis, we believe in crypto, but we also believe in green technology, reducing energy use.

Our Proof of work is ASIC resistant with low rewards.

Proof of Stake consensus is the key minting process for the blockchain, where staking provides much more rewards that PoW. However, stake rewards reduce as the blockchain height increases. This is important to avoid HyperInflation.

Proof of Stake is based on low power wallet technology, where wallets may stake even in an encrypted state, ensuring safety and security of Bank Society Assets.

Proof of Stake Fairness technology ensures that even the the smallest of wallet reserves may be used to stake or mint the next block.
This means no expensive Validators, as the wallet owners computer
is used for minting blocks.

Hardware requirements for our Masternode technology, which verifies and confirms stakes, can be 1 CPU, with 1 GByte of Ram and 25 GBytes of storage. Bare Minimal cloud configurations for a Masternode.

Visit our Road Map to learn about our next generation technology to back Bank Society Gold to physical Silver and Gold stored in vaults around the world. 

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